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Outsourcing Censorship

Interesante artículo sobre la censura de internet en diferentes países.


Interesante artículo sobre la censura de internet en diferentes países.


The growth of Internet usage in Asia is putting many governments on the defensive. They are becoming increasingly aware of the challenges that online connectivity poses to regime stability. The Internet has provided their citizens and political opponents with a new avenue to discuss contentious topics, network with like-minded individuals, and organize and mobilize opposition and protest movements. It gives the populations of these countries a powerful tool to push the limits of freedom of expression, association, and information that many of their governments set long ago.


In response, governments are getting creative in their efforts to control online content. An increasingly popular technique is to outsource content control to intermediaries, holding them accountable for third-party content. Internet intermediaries are the entities that provide the platforms and channels for online communication and access to information, including Internet service providers (ISPs), web hosting companies, blog and video hosting sites, social networks, webmasters, and any other online service provider. Disturbingly, they are the ones increasingly facing punishment, often disproportionately severe, for failing to censor content in Asia. They are being punished for content that they did not create or publish. The fact that some of Asia’s most influential economies have adopted this angle of attack makes the potential scale of this problem very serious indeed.


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